Hello (2023), World!

What's in store for 2023?

Hint: Nerd shenanigans.

I'm keeping this entry brief, as I just really wanted to get this post out here on January 1st, 2023. My goal is to start posting more of my hobby journey to this blog; being electronics, expanding the homelab, (way more) gunpla, and of course, coffee.

I started subtype way on March 10th 2021, inspired by the maker community and recognizing the not-so-subtle intersection of cosplay, electronics, software, and art. I knew there was a passion for something there. Just didn't realize it at the time.

For 2023, I have a few aspirations that'll be updated here and there:

  • Design and build my own macro keyboard PCB via internet guides
  • Find and build another PG gundam
  • Expand out homelab capacity (new rack??? New rack.)
  • Find new coffee shops and share notes
  • Maybe actually publish my notes on the coffes I've tried so far

The list ain't comprehensive. Just focused around this lil space of life. Here's to 2023!