Making a 1U blinky light panel for server racks (Blinkenlights!)

Got extra space in your server rack? Why use a blanking panel when you can put in more blinking lights?

Making a 1U blinky light panel for server racks (Blinkenlights!)
Updated blinky lights!
With this thing, rack blankers are a thing of the past! This is a video of older code.

Here's all the parts you'll need:

Part Quantity
1U Blinky STL file (will upload soon) 1
Raspberry Pi Pico 1
Adafruit Neopixel (~19 LEDs approximately from a 60 LED/meter strand) 1(ish)
22 gauge wire N/A
M2 screws 4
M3 screws 3

To assemble, print two parts of the blinky unit and screw them together with the M3 screws. You'll be able to attach the Pi Pico with the M2 screws on either side - I had the USB face outwards. Soldering, I know I could've done better, but my hands are quite possibly one of the most unsteady hands you'll see.

Very average job at soldering. Data pin on GPIO 28

I used GPIO pins GND, VBUS, and 28. If you're familiar with the Pico's pinouts, you can use any GPIO to your preference. Power-wise, make sure you're using VBUS and NOT VSYS. With the little amount of LEDs we're using in the Neopixel strand, the 5V supplied from a USB port is more than enough. I turned down the brightness on the strand to draw less amperage just to be safe.