Setting up the new 12u server rack

After impusively building my new Proxmox server, I went ahead and decided to upgrade from my 6u wall mount rack to a dedicated 12u rack on wheels.

I went ahead and ordered the StarTech 12u 19" open frame rack, which you can order here (non-affiliate link). The build quality of this rack is superb, and even comes with tools so you don't have to have any immediately on hand.

While I was able to build the rack alone, I definitely would recommend having an extra pair of hands to stabilize pieces. Be sure to NOT overtighten the nuts before, and after assembly.

Completed server rack build, next up: finding a wooden slab to go on top

After completing the rack all together, it was just a matter of sliding and screwing the equipment into place. It's not much to look at for the time-being, but I'm extremely happy with the setup. This gives me plenty of room to grow, and I'm a sucker for consolidating equipment together neatly.

Current equipment for the curious, top to bottom:

  • StarTech 8 PDU 1u Power Supply
  • 24 Keystone ethernet patch panel
  • UDM-P
  • Philips Hue controller
  • Synology 2-bay DS218j (purchased in 2018, planned upgrade to a 4/5-bay soon)
  • Custom intel-based Proxmox server
  • Raspberry Pi (not pictured)
  • Prusa i3mk3s printer (not pictured)